Girl With The Cane Blogoversery!

girl with the cane blogoversary

I can assure you that I didn’t plan it that way (I’m simply not that organized), but this is the blog’s second major milestone within a week: The First Girl With The Cane Blogoversary!

What?? Girl With the Cane Blogoversary??

Yes, it was one year ago today that I launched this blog. To get this Girl With The Cane Blogoversary started, let’s go over some of the things that have happened since. Since June 12, 2011, Girl With The Cane:

  • Become the promotional cornerstone of my company, Running Steps
  • Was nominated for Ninjamatics Weblogs Awards for Best Feminist Blog, Best Weblog about Health and Wellness, and Best Life Weblog
  • Won 3rd Place in the Canadian Blog Awards in Best Personal Blog Category
  • Has at least 10 influential websites linking to it
  • Has developed a network including high-profile disability agencies, authors, bloggers, activists and advocates in Canada, the United States, and Europe.
  • Has become closely involved with the Accessible Clean Taxi Coalition and the individuals and organizations involved with them through blog coverage of New York City’s fight for increased numbers of accessible taxis
  • Has became involved with the Spartacus movement in the UK, protesting devastating cuts to disability supports.
  • Has had, just in the last two days, visitors from Canada, the United States, the Czech Republic, India, Ireland, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, and Peru

Not bad for the first year.  I think I can justify having some Girl With The Cane Blogoversary celebratory ice cream today 🙂

I’d share it with a lot of people if they lived just a little bit closer, because there’s are some people that I need to thank for actually getting me to this Girl With The Cane Blogoversary:

First…the Facebook friends who like pages and posts and leave notes and go vote and keep me honest  and just generally support me any way that I need them to. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

Second…my blogging buddy in crime, who has stood back on this one, but who has always been there with advice and encouragement.

Third…all the other disability bloggers and online advocates/activists who haven the taken the time to read, retweet, and repost my content, link to my website, and let me do guest writing for them. Thank you in particular to:

If all of the people on the above list would please contact me at, I have something for you by way of thanking you personally.
My apologies if I’ve missed anyone…I greatly appreciate all the support that everyone’s given to help given the blog some traction this year, and getting it to it’s first Girl With The Cane Blogoversary.
Of course, thank you to all of you who take time out of your day to come here and read…and comment…and email me with your stories.  “Girl With The Cane” has become a real labour of love for me, and I’m thrilled that people get something out of what I post here. I learn a lot from what you have to say too, and I’m really happy that we’re starting to have some good dialogue in the comments on the posts. I’d really like to see that grow as the blog goes into its second year, and invite any suggestions for making this blog a place where people feel comfortable voicing their opinions and telling their stories.
I’m always on the look-out for guest bloggers, too. If you’ve got some disability-related content and would like to contribute, please contact me.
Happy Girl With The Cane Blogoversary! Any predictions for what will happen for the blog in its second year?

About Sarah

Due to a stroke, I've walked with a cane since I was 22 (I'm 36 now)...but I'm so much more than just the girl with the cane.


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  • I am so proud of you! This blog is a fantastic. I also want you to know that you are appreciated. 

    Much love,

    • Thank you, Marissa! I’m so glad that we’ve started talking, and I’m looking forward to catching up with you soon!

  • Koloferburk

    Fabulous! Bravo! What an accomplishment! I love reading your blog and you are an inspiration in my recovery!

    • Thank you! Is this the first time you’ve commented? I hope I see more of you, so I can learn more about your story!

  • Heidieharmon

    Congrats!  Glad I found your blog and wish you the best!

    • Thank you, Heidieharmon! How did you find the blog? Thanks for reading, and I hope I hear more from you. 🙂

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